Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday adventures

Posing in Apex with Jessica and Jesse
Saturday morning I was up early, but not quite early enough to make the rummage sale rounds with Jessica Lot Thompson (who lives here now, but who took my law and film course back in 2003!)

Still... there was time for Eloise, Marie-Claire and I to head over to her place to hang out, drink tea, and play with her three kids. Fun! 

Marie-Claire photographing the view from Jesse's backyard
The sky seems to go on forever
Jessica then took us over to Apex, where Jessie Mike (from the Akitsiraq Class) and her partner Laura were supposedly going to be painting their house. They were not painting afterall (the sky was threatening a bit of rain), but as Jessie promised, the view from their backyard is very fine! 

At the same time, I felt that taking photos was a bit frustrating, only because it was difficult to figure out how to point the camera in order to get the perfect shot:  too many directions, and too many possibilities... snow?  land?  sky?

The Hudson Bay Trading Company buildings
I did love the old Hudson Bay Trading Post buildings just down the shore from their place. Pretty cool. 

Jesse also took us to meet her mom, Meeka Mike, who is a famous dog handler.  It was completely absorbing to me, as I discovered that she is working on a project with a group of Inuit elders producing (compiling, recording) Inuit knowledge!  I am going to go back this week, as she has offered (or was I begging?!) to share with me a powerpoint presentation she has.  Can't wait!

Marie-Claire and I then headed off to Artic Ventures (my new favourite store) to pick up some dinner, some books, and some DVDs). We stopped along the way for a few more photos. It is just so beautiful.  


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  2. I am in Victoria and just took an evening walk -- when I step out on the porch, the perfume from the rhododendrons makes me take deep breaths.

    The same thing happened to me just now when I was looking at your photos. This time it was not the scent, but my imagination as I could feel the cold and see the beauty in the pictures.