Friday, July 17, 2015

Flying from Iqaluit to Ottawa - a photo essay

Flying From Ottawa to Toronto...two planes in the sky

So... when i was deeply concentrating on the movie (with the window closed to eliminate distractions, the flight attendant poked me in the back to tell me i could see a second plane out the window.  Can you see it?

Maybe you can see it here?

And here is a shot to give you a sense of 'scale' (so you can see the wing of the plane i was on in the shot)

We seemed to be flying parallel to each other... not exactly 'circling', but in a bit of a holding pattern.

And then we landed in parallel.  You can't quite see the plane in this shot, but we landed on parallel runways at the same time.  Well... that was a first for me...

Public Art in Iqaluit

So... here we are at "four corners" in iqaluit, in front of the Royal Bank Building (which has NTI in it).  It also has the Baffin Coffee Shop (that has a mean spicy beef wrap!)  The awesome security guy for the building (with his wonderful dapper white hat) volunteered to take my photo for me (when i was busy trying to get close ups).

And here are some of the closeup shots.  I love the person on top, trying to balance rocks for an inukshuk.

  In this one, you can catch a sense of how much fog there was (because of a 13 mile wide pan of ice clogging the harbour... warm air would hit the ice, and then do its thing!)   I love all the animals worked into this sculpture.

This is the sculpture in front of the Legislature (just down the street... the Canadian flag in the photo above is the same one you can see in the back left corner here.
The front of the sculpture (oops... didn't get it all in) is in 4 languages!

Was trying to get my head in there, so i could be one of 'the people'.  :-)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Iqaluit Photos - an afternoon in Apex

The stream rushing down to the ocean.

These little flowers will turn into berries.

Anne picked me a small handful.   They smell wonderful, and taste a little like liquorice...

the old (unoccupied) Hudson Bay Trading Post at Apex

The ice moving back from the sandy edge of the beach.