Saturday, March 8, 2014

Flat David comes to visit

Duncan and Flat David hanging out on the balcony

We received a large envelope in the mail.  We opened it up and discovered .... "Flat David"!

"Ice-cream cake?"
My nephew David Camps-Johnson lives in Salmon Arm.  His grade 3 class had been reading a story about a boy named Stanley, who, flattened by a falling blackboard, is able to mail himself around the world to visit different friends and have different adventures.  

The teacher decided they should make flattened versions of themselves, and send them off to explore!

Lucky us!  Flat David had arrived for a visit to Victoria! 

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His timing was exceptional, as he arrived in time to celebrate Duncan's 13th birthday on March 5!

taking time to smell the flowers with Kiwi
One thing flat David noticed was that, unlike most of Canada, Victoria was not covered with snow.  On the contrary, in March, Victoria is green! 

Well...not TOTALLY green.... there is also lots of yellow.  Yep, the daffodils are already growing in the backyard!

Stay tuned for more of the adventures of Flat David!

The road trip begins...

5:55am, pulling out of the driveway
The day finally arrived!  

After months of planning, for this blessed day, Steve, Duncan, Jim and Ben are off on a road trip:  4 men in the car, on their way to Disneyland, and then a wander back home via Hollywood, San Diego, San Francisco, etc.

...and away they go!

Alex and I (and Kiwi) will be holding the fort here in Victoria.  We will see if they manage to send home photos of their adventures!