Friday, June 7, 2013

Dining (and art) at the Frob....

Acquisitions from a night at the Frobisher Inn
Well, it is the end of the first week of Akitsiraq. What a fabulous week. The program is well designed, the students are fantastic, and Iqaluit is truly beautiful.  It was John’s last day today, so we went to the Frobisher Bay Inn (“The Frob”) for dinner.

I was told to bring some money, as local artists come around with carvings and art to sell while you are eating. Very low key: you can admire, and, if you want, ask how much. Really beautiful things went by the table. I came prepared (with cash!)

Over the course of the night, I acquired caribou antler earrings, a seal hairclip, a baleine whale necklace and a soapstone polarbear (from a dorset artist named Lucasie). I am very happy.  There was also some amazing cribbage boards made from caribou antlers, but that guy escaped while my back was turned....  I will be keeping my eyes open for another!

Oh yes... the food was also great! The menu has a section for “Country Foods”. I had the muskox. Really tasty. I could easily become a fan. Actually, it was been a week of firsts: first seal meat and first seal broth, first caribou stew, first muskox, and first muktuk.  I tried the last of these at the Community Feast that was held on Thursday night at the elementary school.

More on that later...


  1. I will borrow the earrings and I could use a polar bear like that. Keep shopping. It is good for the economy.

  2. I might not have got a bear, but then listened to people talk about “dancing bears” as a category of sculpture. It balances on one foot. It also balances on the other foot. So… it is carved so that the weight of it is balanced enough to be stable on a couple of directions.