Monday, June 3, 2013

A Picnic on the Rocks

arriving at the Iqaluit airport, noon on June 2
It all turns on a dime. The weather.

We arrived just after lunch on June 2.

By 7pm, we were having our picnic on rocks by Apex (on Frobisher Bay).

By midnight, my housemates Eloise, Rob and Darcy had gone to bed.

June 2, 1:00am <br/>Iqaluit
At 1am, I took a picture out the window. 

There were street lights on, but you didn't really need them.

By 7am, I woke to snowflakes swirling around: yep, a blizzard.

 And now the town is covered with an absolutely beautiful bed of white. 
... blinding beautiful ...

Beautiful and blinding. I understand how it is that sunglasses were invented by the Inuit. Put the pristine white together with the hours of sunshine, and it is blinding (blinding beautiful!)

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