Wednesday, July 2, 2014

a visit to Gringott's Wizarding Bank

dragon starts to rumble...

Day 2 on Diagon Alley, and Duncan I made it onto the Gringotts Ride (which involves a walk through the bank. Amazing! Text to follow later.  Here are some pictures.
you can feel the heat on the street....
Animatronic goblins... scary real...

Duncan submits to a selfie...

Open vault

Hogwarts Castle

 Hogwarts castle was... well.... amazing.  the wait lists can run up to 210 minutes.  yikes.  we went in early when the wait was about 20 minutes, and that was too short!   the castle is FULL of stuff, and i wanted the line to move slower so I could watch it all.  it was also hard to photograph because it was moodily dark:  things were visible, and the ambiance was excellent, but it just doesn't capture will without a flash (and there is nothing more irritating in a line than people using their flash.  ah well.  :-)

statues in the fireplace

staircase to dumbledore's office
stained glass window in the hall
The Pensive