Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Causeway

Here are Marie-Claire and I on the 'causeway' (where people head off on the ice to get out to the flow-edge. 

I think I took a thousand shots from here.  It was absolutely beautiful (and the sun was beating down!)

What I wish I could capture is the sound....sled dogs barking like crazy.  If you look in the background (very far away) you will see dogs and sleds. 

OK.  Maybe just check out the next shot (with the 16X zoom on the camera).

The fun part is that Neil hooked us up to go on a sled trip out on the ice with "North Winds" and Matty McNair.   We are going tomorrow evening after we teach.

Matty McNair is a major artic explorer, has skiied both the north and south poles.  OK.  now this is going to make Steve and the kids totally jealous.  Matty McNair is the arctic explorer woman who was ran the dogsled team with Richard Hammond on the Top Gear episode where they went to North Pole.  YEEHAH!!!  Here is her website, if you want to check it out.

Truly.... unbelievable. I will report back tomorrow.


  1. From Ben and Duncan:

    So jealous about the dog sled ride. Will you be meeting the Inuit walrus riders? Just joking.

  2. So jealous. What an amazing trip to the North.

    Walrus riders? Is that like a whale rider? :-)