Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

The view at 10:30pm
In the spirit of Father's Day, these photos are for my Father... I know it was the Western Arctic he spent time in (Bank's Island), and that this is the Eastern Arctic, but still...  Here are some photos for you, dad!

The same view at midnight

earlier in the day...

walking on a new road, mid-day.

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  1. Kelvin here!

    Rebecca! Just a comment about my "?" lack of comments! I've made several comments, but not knowing how to make them permanent in the Blog, when I come back to reread them they have disappeared!

    Doing so little on the computer these days, to see my heroic effort to get rid of my computer block come to not, seems an affront (how's that for childishness?).

    A little help from Arta and I am learning how to make a permanent impact on the blog.