Saturday, July 15, 2017

At the Wheel in July

Ah, the summer, and the opportunity to spend a bit of time with my hands in the mud!

Janet and Glen bought a new wheel (one that goes two directions, so the left-handed crew can have a positive throwing experience).  

Plus, it means two of us can throw at the same time (or one can throw, the other can turn, and we can continue to talk).  

The person with the newer wheel also gets the view, which is as beautiful as ever.

Of course, there is still the "stigma":   the most fantastical national railway.

It was wonderful sitting under the porch at the wheel...the shade was needed, as it was 36 degrees out there. 


Kiwi found a cool spot in the corner under the drying rack.

Here are the first 6 pots of the year, both thrown, and then turned. 

The first 6 pieces off the wheel

handles attached, underglaze on, carving done

the next three mugs done and ready for the kiln

Into the kiln for the first bisque firing of the season!