Thursday, July 18, 2013

Alex and the garden

Ah sweet summer vacation!

Alex keeps looking for jobs, so he got one:  pull all the weeds out of the 'garden' (they were about waist high), then mix up the bags of compost, manure and peat moss to get the soil looking a bit healthier.

and then?  Plant some stuff!

Here is the 'Before' and 'After'

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Waiting for the showers

wondering when the rain will come
What a hot muggy day! 

You wouldn't have been able to tell from sky, which was distinctly cloud filled.

Nonetheless, it was a hot one. 

no rain, but the beginnings of some pink in the grey
I took a walk in the evening down to Arbutus Cove (where the tide was high). 

On the way back, my pace slowed down... trying to make sure I didn't trip over my feet since i couldn't keep my eyes off the skies (hmmm...nice rhyme there!)

And then as the evening wore on, there was that brief moment when those clouds picked up a bit of colour.

It was beautiful!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Canada Day - Bike Ride

a stairway of clouds?

paths over salmon-bearing creeks
It was the Canada Day Bike Ride Torture-fest.  Alex lucked out:  he left early to hang out with his friends for the day.  Duncan was not so lucky... trapped by his parent into 'a nice little bike-ride'.  Well... we left at 11am, and got home at something like 6pm.  It was a full day! 

Duncan was a bit less than pleased to be setting out, but he held up.  The first photo was from our first rest stop after an uphill climb around Pkols (formerly "Mount Doug", now claiming back its original indigenous name).  Duncan is pointing out that the clouds in the sky look pretty much like a ladder, or staircase to the heavens.
bridge over not-so-troubled-waters

I gotta say... the bike trails in this town really are stellar.  Hard to believe the variety of places one can cycle through.  At times, it is the middle of the city, and then you are suddenly on a gravel path by farm fields, or passing a lake, or in the the middle of the woods, or driving along the ocean.  It was a pretty amazing trip.

Duncan wondering why anyone gave Rebecca a camera!
Cool moment in the woods on the Colquitz River Trail
Stopping for a drink (Pkols Mountain/aka Mount Doug) in the distance

Biking along the ocean