Saturday, March 30, 2013

Taking a walk on Easter weekend

at the midway on the walk.
In what is an unusual alignment of the planets, the forecast for the holiday weekend was "clear skies". this is one of those weekends where I am reminded of the advantages of living on this island paradise... absolutely gorgeous weather, and spring all around us. I took a poncho in case it got chilly.  Nope.  I think indeed that sunscreen might have been a better choice! 

Geary Oak, not quite ready for the new leaves
cherry blossoms against the sky
We were actually on a misson of sorts (some banking stuff to be done), but decided to walk instead of driving.  Or, as Duncan and his friend Ben might argue, it was another deathmarch of doom.  Still, the trees, and sky, the gentle breeze, the smell of the blossoms... couldn't have been better.

Also fun was chancing across a piece of civil protest along the way. A group of cyclists engaged in a protest against Chevron, and 'fraking', had surrounded the local gas station, were blocking all entrances with their bikes, had taped signs to the gas pumps (outlining their concerns with fraking in the province), and had wrapped police tape around the outside of the pumps.

Anti-fraking protest at the Chevron
There were 3 or 4 police cars there too, with police officers talking to the protesters on their own megaphones, saying things like "come on guys, don't make me give you a ticket".  I thought that at least was decent interaction, having just seen the CBC clip the other day of a police officer punching a cyclist in the head.  So... it could have been worse!  :-)   In any event, the protesters were peaceful, and headed off on their bikes to stage the same (sort) protest at the next Chevron up the road.

The camelias in bloom outside our front door
We, jobs done and protests observed, headed off to the local Noodle Box for a bit of lunch, and wandered our way back home down side streets, enjoying the sun sky.  Next on the agenda?  A 7pm showing of Les Mis at the university movie theatre.  Perfect holiday so far!

Playing down at Arbutus Cove

Throwing the ball at Arbutus Cove
Months back from Sabbatical, it occured to me it was time to start the blog again,... having returned from one 'island paradise' (england) to another (Vancouver Island).  I do miss walking Kiwi in the park right behind our house at Woodside Lane, but i have to say that the walk down to Arbutus cover is not without its pleasures.

I was going through the photos from august, and came across these ones.  I love this park bench at the top of the cove just down from our house, with the massive Arbutus Tree on the edge.  For those of you who don't know this tree, it is deciduous, and also 'evergreen': that is, it has leaves rather than needles, but its leaves both grow and fall off throughout the year. Its trunk also grows on something of an angle rather than straight. This is a perfect place to sit: you can enjoy an amazing view, while sending Kiwi running on a quest to retrieve the ball.

Kiwi contemplating a swim
If you stand up and walk to the right, you can follow some stairs down the rock face to the cove below. There is more or less beach to walk on, depending on the level of the tide, and it is a great place to hang out. Kiwi comes home soaked, having enjoyed a great swim.  What could be better?!