Monday, August 19, 2013

A Day Out in the Boat with Dave

Dave getting the boat ready to go
The most fabulous Uncle Dave got the boat up and ready for a day in the water. 

Alex, Nathan and Alicia headed out on the tube.

Alex trying to stand
At first, Alicia was in the middle, and the two boys were on the outside:  Alex 'bit it' with three fabulous wipe-outs, though none as impressive as the time he lost his shorts all together! :-)

Alex negotiated with the other two to rebalance the tube to place him in the centre.  

Nathaniel getting ready to walk on water
It did the trick, and dave was unable to shake the three of them loose (though his efforts were memorable!)

Then they switched to skiing.  

It has been three summers since Alex strapped his feet to the boards, but the body seems to remember:  up he went!  

Ah sweet summer!

Thank you Dave!