Sunday, April 26, 2015

Duncan drawing

Escrime Sundae

Saturday was "Escrime Sundae".  It was a big fencing tournament here in Victoria, but it is a bit of an insiders joke.  1.  Escrime is french for Fencing (but it sounds like "ice-cream")  2.  And the fencing tournament was on Saturday, not Sunday.  

But the way it worked was this:  as soon as you got knocked out of the fencing tournament, you could have all the icecream sundaes you wanted.  so... it was really a win/win.  Either you well in your fencing bouts (a win), or you lost, but then got to start eating icecream earlier than your competitors.  :-)

duncan was responsible for picking up all the icecream and toppings, so he was really looking forward to the eating.

Unfortunately for him, in the Novice category (the last series of the day), he unexpectedly came in second, and thus was one of the last people to start eating!

Here are some photos taken by the wonderful Stacy Chappel

Peter on the Attack, Duncan parrying

Again, Peter's attack turned aside

The grand finale between Daniza and Duncan

Duncan receiving his second place trophy (a sundae cup!)

The top 4 novices posing with their cups!