Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Morning walks up PKOLS

PKOLS.  What an awesome hill to live so close to!  While I am lazy by nature, I am appreciative of those around me (largely Val Napoleon) who manage to motivate me to move my butt in the morning.  The walk through the woods up to a little knoll gives an amazing viewpoint!   It doesn't matter what time of day it is, the view is soul nourishing.  Here is a collection of photos from those walks. 

Dawn just breaking (the walk up in the dark forest was magically scary)

Surely some forest sprites live in this log?

I love that band of pink right at the horizon

can't get over the number of colours and textures in this photo
a sky full of clouds.  a million shades of beautiful

So many shades of green springing from and clinging to the rock.  The moss is amazingly soft.

the baby ferns emerging in late fall...

The word 'lush' just doesn't quite capture it.  this IS in the fall, after all....

Kiwi enjoying the walk.  The arbutus trees are amazing.
close up of the arbutus attaching to the rock

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