Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Flashback to 2013 - Fire on Bastion Mountain

As usual, the summer gave us some fabulous storms.  One of them coincided with the night of the meteor shower, so it was an amazing show.  The rain was brief (an amazing downpour, but it lasted for only 5 minutes), but the light show went on for ages.   There was a strike at least every 30 seconds.  Wow!   Alex and I ran out to the upper lawn (by the raspberry bushes) to get a better look at the sky.  One of the lightening strikes was so bright that we have the image of the strike burned into our retinas...I could see the lightening for at leat 7 or 8 minutes after the fact!  freaky.

Duncan and Ben were a bit freaked out, and chose to watch the show from the safty of the house.

The next night, we got a call from Wyona to tell us there was a fire on the opposite side of the lake.  Hard to get a photo, but it was visible to the naked eye.  Quite the night.  All of us on wyona's deck, watching the lightening, the fire, the shooting stars, the train lights.  Where to look?!

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