Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Creme Brûlée

sugar sprinkled on top....
Duncan has been asking for us to make Creme Brûlée for EVER.  

Arta tried one summer, but it was too hard to get the sugar to caramelize on tip just using the oven.  

And then, this Christmas, while on the hunt for a wooden paddle to beat fondant, I found creme brûlée kit, so under the tree it went for Duncan.  :-)
applying the heat!

He has now worked the whole thing through twice (yes, that means working with a vanilla bean, making the custard, baking it, and then caramelizing the sugar on top!)

It was the surprise hit of the holiday season.  I mean, seriously, what kid doesn't want 4 ramekins, and their own mini blowtorch!?


ready to eat!


  1. Duncan? You creme brulee has class. I can't believe I have cooked all of these years in a kitchen and never owned a blow torch. Nice work at jumping right into making the high class desserts. Can hardly wait to be in the same place as you are, so I can taste this ... and maybe get a lesson on technique..

  2. Oh man. Your kitchen torch totally puts my new rice cooker to shame. I was so excited for my new kitchen equipment. Now I want a torch too. Well, I do have a torch for doing glass work, but it may be overkill for creme brulee. I can feel my spoon cracking through the sugar top and taste the custard in my mouth.