Thursday, April 18, 2013

Arbutus Night of Music

Duncan's band takes the stage
Last night was the "Night of Music" for Arbutus Middle School.  The school had booked the University Theatre, so there was room for all to come and watch.   Good thing, really (booking an auditorium), since there were no less than 10 bands/choirs on the program....and many folks in the auditorium.

When Steve saw that Duncan's grade 6 concert band was 9th on the program, he gave a sigh of resignment, and settled in for (what he thought would be) a long night: one is working with certain  assumptions when going to middle school music concerts.  However, I gotta say, it was a great concert! They take their music program seriously, they chose excellent (and sometimes eclectically wierd, like "Rosin Eating Zombies from Outer Space") pieces, and the kids kicked butt! 

Duncan's grade 6 concert band (all the kids in their first year of music) weresteve near the end of the program, featured right between the Vocal Jazz group (who did amazing versions of Autumn Leaves and Mack the Knife) and the Grade 8 Concert Band (who had us all heading back to our cars humming "Putting on the Ritz").

The Grade 6 band had 3 selections to play, and Duncan has been practicing their three pieces for months.  I can sing you every single note in the Eflat Saxophone part of the song "Argonauts", but i didn't recognize when they started playing.  Duncan was right:  it sounded totally different when all the parts were put together! Indeed, Steve turned to me and said, "What?!  I don't know this piece.  Did he even practice it at all?!"  hahaha.  The wonderful Rich McCue (whose daughter Emily is also in Grade 6) uploaded their rendition of Star Wars.  I am pretty sure you can't see Duncan here, but you can listen! (if you are friends of Rich... and if you aren't friends yet, send him a request!)


  1. I can't wait to play this for David. It includes two of good enthusiasms: star wars and his cousin Duncan.

  2. Love to hear from home.

    This morning we were discussing why we never talk about music at the dinner table at night. So we had a conversation in our room -- our cramped room ... about French trombone music.

    I love concerts. The best kind are school concerts where someone I know is playing.