Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Flung at the Wheel - Pottery, Summer 2017

It was largely a summer of necklaces.   Hundreds of them.  The goal was to make enough to give one away to each student in the Legal Process course as part of my own TRC work, and also enough for my part of the project with Shain Jackson in the Testify Indigenous Law + the Arts work.  http://testifyindigenous.ca/artistlawyer-pairings/http://testifyindigenous.ca/artistlawyer-pairings/).

That said, there was still enough time at the wheel to produce a couple of dozen bowls and mugs to get me through another year.   For the purposes of remember what I did, here are a bunch of close up photos. 

Will see if I can also track down my notes of just what the heck i actually DID on the glazing front (everything here is at least two glazes...)

Gotta remember the glaze combo.  Tenmoku and something else?

Red and Black underglaze, carved out with white matte glaze

smoky merlot and something else?

goldstone clay is magic in itsinteraction with glazes...

I had hoped that glass in bottom might fill in the crack in the mug.  No luck.

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