Monday, June 22, 2015

Duncan bids farewell to Arbutus Middle School

Grade 8 strings serenading us at the beginning
Today was the Graduation/Recognition ceremony for the Grade 8 class at Arbutus Middle School. 

 We were told it should be "semi-formal"... Duncan decided that might mean a step up from his usual sweatpants and T-Shirt, so we did head off for a bit of shopping to get something a bit more 'styling'.   Here are some photos from the event!

Duncan walking across the stage to shake his teacher's hand (Cathy Nelson)

Uumati came to the party!   She just got her hair dyed blue!   Yea!   Another girl in the club!  Check it out!

While Duncan is super stylin' in the new clothes (he hates that phrase), Uumati probably wins the prize for best dressed female (and smartest vintage clothing shopper!  Check out the David Bowie styling on the jacket!)

I supposed I have to concede that Duncan is finally taller than me.  How did this happen!?

He is also significantly taller than Katie! (she is my new 'executive assistant' for those of you who haven't met her yet... you will get a chance this summer)

And here is Duncan with his Principal (Mr. Powell) and his grade 6 teacher (Mr. MacKinnon)

One last fun note.  In addition to having a dance, and kareoke, they also had a Photobooth set up, so you could go in and get (free) photos with your friends.  What a riot!

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  1. I love every one of these photos. Duncan is seriously stylin' -- I mean debonair. Uumati's hair is absolutely fantastic, and her dress? Wow.

    I am totally freaked out that they are both full-blown teens now. How did that happen?

    P.S. Duncan still has that great smile!! Love it.