Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Waiting for the showers

wondering when the rain will come
What a hot muggy day! 

You wouldn't have been able to tell from sky, which was distinctly cloud filled.

Nonetheless, it was a hot one. 

no rain, but the beginnings of some pink in the grey
I took a walk in the evening down to Arbutus Cove (where the tide was high). 

On the way back, my pace slowed down... trying to make sure I didn't trip over my feet since i couldn't keep my eyes off the skies (hmmm...nice rhyme there!)

And then as the evening wore on, there was that brief moment when those clouds picked up a bit of colour.

It was beautiful!


  1. When I was in Victoria, I walked down to Arbutus Cove too. I walked when the tide was out, and then next time when it was in. I thought to myself that I am going to have to find a website that tells me when it is in and out, so I don't have the disappointment of looking for one stage when I am going to get the other one.

    I love looking at the sky and your pictures as well. You live in Canada's Mediterranean. And I get to visit there, which makes me smile, just to type that!

  2. Gorgeous evening sky. Can't wait to be enjoying the Shuswap sky with you!!! And Arta, is it the katabic winds in the evening?